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Beverly is an exciting North Shore Massachusetts town, on the Atlantic Ocean, offering residents a variety of shopping, dining and recreational options designed for all styles and tastes! This is sure to appeal to the new resident or the person wanting to relocate to this town. The name "North Shore" is given to all northern communities who lie north of Boston and reside along the Massachusetts Bay. Boston is only 26 miles away from this charming small resort-like town, so you won’t be far from a big city. With a population of around 39,502, Beverly has its own unique personality and vibe in a picturesque setting, open spaces, public parks, and miles of coastal shores. No wonder it’s called the "Garden City".

The Beverly community is made up of residential homes, manufacturing plants and resorts. Beverly Farms and Prides Crossing are also included in this small town. Beverly has both public and private schools, colleges, a lovely municipal golf course, the Beverly Municipal airport, the popular Route 128 is nearby – a main highway, and there’s five commuter rail stations in the area. There’s a thriving downtown area mixed with business, government, and community partnerships that attracts a wide-range of industry. The job market is good here and anyone looking to relocate to this area won’t be disappointed. This bustling place with a small-town vibe is a hub for artists who have their own studios and businesses. Major employers are Microsoft, Crane Aerospace, Axcelis Technologies, and Orchard Brands.

Off the shores of Beverly sit the Great and Little Misery Islands that are included as part of the town. Beverly not only sits along the Atlantic Ocean, but it has many water systems throughout the town. There are two large rivers flowing through this town – the Bass River and the Danvers River which flows into Beverly Harbor. There are also many streams flowing throughout the town. Also, right inside the town are many lakes and ponds. There’s a forest and reservation land in the town as well. No wonder it’s such a picturesque town! Sitting in the middle of all this beauty are five beaches, several parks, two yacht clubs, and the Beverly Golf and Tennis Club. The western part of town is very urban, while the eastern side of town is rural.

So, if you are looking to relocate to Beverly, then you will find there’s plenty of things to do and see!

The real estate market is booming, and median size homes are listed at around $500,000. Some homes are referred to as “Hot Homes,” which mean they will probably sell quickly. Homes on the market for only 24 days can receive as many as three offers. Recently sixty-four homes have sold right in Beverly. In addition to homes, Beverly has properties, condos, townhouses, and multi-family units. Popular neighborhoods in Beverly are the charming Beverly Farms, North Beverly, Centerville, The Cove, Montserrat, and the Downtown area.

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